About Us

Founded in 2017, UCSS is a company located in Korea, with colleagues of different nationality, sincere management, and network optimization to provide stable services.

Currently, the Internet is a crucible of personal information, and it is collected and managed without our knowledge. Freedom seekers have used a variety of methods to protect communications and evade surveillance.

We have found potential in Shadowsocks, which is safe and customizable, and have been using it since its development. We’ve seen providers that offer Shadowsocks services, both individuals and companies, but most of them are localized and we couldn’t find a service that we could agree with in terms of privacy protection and stable service.

We launched UCSS with the goal of providing network quality that we can be satisfied with, and a borderless internet with respect for privacy.

We understand that there is no perfect security or privacy protection, but in order to reduce the risk as much as possible, we manage all the systems, servers and applications we use in-house.