Set Up UCSS on router

UCSS supports various router firmwares such as OpenWrt and Merlin.

Set up guide for OpenWrt

There are available custom firmware based on OpenWrt that supports our services.

 There are some risks associated with installing firmware. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur during firmware installation or router failure. Please refer to the setting method after acknowledging the above.

Supported routers

UCSS customized firmware for GL-iNet.


Set up guide for Merlin

The official version of Merlin were deleted the function using VPN plugin. Merlin Koolshare Modified version should be used.

Merlin and Openwrt Koolshare modified ROM is a firmware customized by a third party. Please note that due to the nature of routers and firmware, UCSS does not provide support for router configuration, cannot be held responsible for troubleshooting firmware problems or router failures. Please refer to the setting method here after acknowledging.

The detailed setting method may vary depending on the model. Please search here for the setting method corresponding to each model.

Supported routers

The network speed from Merlin greatly depends on the performance of the router.

Three types of plug-ins have been developed according to the compatible models. Please refer to the following link for compatible models.

Supported Router List & Plugin Tutorials

How to update the firmware

Firmware download

Download firmware of the applicable router.


Access the router and login

Router IP is normally set at If you can not find it please check the router IP from the control panel or system configuration > network.

Internet Explorer may not be able to connect normally. Please set it from Google Chrome which is the recommended browser of Koolshare.

Upload the firmware

“Administration” > “Firmware upgrade” > Upload the downloaded firmware to the new firmware file. Firmware rewriting is completed in a few minutes. You can configure the plug-in from the new firmware.