Terms of Service

Application of Agreement

OneCubit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) shall refer to the “Terms of Service” (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) for the provision of UCSS services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). The “Site”, “Website”, and “Service” mentioned in these Terms, unless otherwise specified, shall refer to all hardware, software, and network resources required to provide our website and services. The terms “User” and “Users” refers to an individual, corporation, or other legal entity registered for the Service.

These Terms also include “Privacy Policy” and “Application Terms of Service“.

The User shall agree to all Terms in order to use the UCSS Service and must signal that agreement by clicking “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” or checking the corresponding checkbox when applying for the Service. The Company only provides the Service to Users who agree to all of the Terms of Service.

1. Modification

  1. The Company can update the Terms without notice to the Users. If the Terms are revised, the revised Terms shall take effect immediately, and the current Users shall be considered to agree to the revised Terms. Your use of the Service following the changes to these Terms constitutes your acceptance of the changed Terms. The updated Terms shall take precedence over the previous Terms; the previous Terms shall no longer be legally valid.
  2. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms, and the Company shall not be liable for Users failure to review the Terms.

2. Approval

  1. The contract of service based on these Terms shall be established from the moment the User has completed payment for the Service. However, the Company reserves the right to refuse Service, even if the application for Service was previously approved, in any of the following cases:
    • If false information is provided to the Company when applying for the Service, regardless of whether the false information was supplied deliberately or accidentally
    • If the Service is used for inappropriate purposes
    • If the service charge is not paid
    • If a User behaves provocatively or aggressively or attempts to extort the Company’s employees or the Support Center employees
    • If the Company judges that the User is inappropriate for our Service

3. Cancellation and Refund

  1. Cancellation: Users may request cancellation through the Client Area. The Service shall continue until the end of the last paid service term. If you have purchased more than one service, the service shall be terminated at the end of the last paid service term after you have cancelled the final service.
  2. No Refunds: Refunds will not be provided for any subscription. The Company shall not refund any charges paid or prepaid before cancellation. The User is obliged to pay all payment fees and service charges incurred before the cancellation of the Service. Service charges already paid to the Company shall not be refunded for any reason including the following cases:
    • The Service becomes unavailable due to changes in the User’s device and internet environment
    • The Service becomes unavailable due to special events, actions of government or public agencies, supplier policy changes, or other technical factors
    • The User is dissatisfied with the overall quality of the Service, including download and upload speed, Ping, software quality, etc
    • Specific websites and video streaming service are not available
    • The Service or account is suspended because the User violates Article 6 or any other Articles of these Terms
    • The User infringes or violates the intellectual property or the privacy or public rights of a third party
    • The User shares and distributes images, videos, text, codes, etc which are considered illegal, dangerous, and harmful under applicable laws
    • The Company is out of service
  3. For exceptional reasons such as double purchases other than those listed in 3-2, the balance after deducting the settlement fee will be refunded if the following conditions are met. If you do not meet all of the following conditions, you will not be refunded even in exceptional reasons.
    • Refund application within 8 days from the payment date
    • Service is unused (traffic is not consumed)

4. Notification

  1. The Company shall notify the User through the method that the Company considers appropriate, such as e-mail, posting on the website, or official SNS.
  2. Once a notice is sent to a User’s email registered in the Service, the notice shall be considered to be delivered even if the e-mail system fails to function properly for any reason. The Company will not send additional notices. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any loss caused to the User due to the suspension or failed delivery of the suspension notification.

5. Contents of the Service

  1. If the payment method the User selected at the time of ordering the Service supports automatic renewal, the Service will be automatically renewed at the end of the service term. The renewal period is the same as the original service period. Users may unsubscribe from automatic renewal by requesting cancellation in the Client Area.
  2. The Service provided by the Company refers to a service that connects to the server operated by the Company. The quality of the connection and communication considerably depends on the condition of the User’s devices and network. Therefore, the Company does not guarantee the quality of the Service.
  3. The Company may change the contents of the Service and price without prior notice or the User’s approval, and the User consents to this. Any change in price shall go into effect upon the renewal of the service term.
  4. The Company can replace facilities, change settings, and carry out maintenance work without prior notice or User’s approval, and the User consents to this.
  5. The Company does not provide services such as changing to other plans before the end of the service term, suspending service, or changing the start and end dates of the plan, and the User consents to this.
  6. The Company may delete a User’s account without notice, if the User signs up without intent to purchase, and the User consents to this.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for any use of software not developed by UCSS. The User shall be fully responsible for any use of unapproved software and the results of that use.
  8. The customer service the Company provides through support tickets and e-mail is limited for the content of the Service operated by UCSS. Customer service regarding the basic operation of the User’s device, such as a PC or a smartphone, is not provided, and the User consents to this.
  9. The Service is not intended for a residents in Korea and is not covered by the Korean E-Commerce Law, and the User consents to this.

6. Prohibition

  1. The Company may delete an account or service without notice if the account engages in prohibited or illegal activities. The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by illegal or prohibited acts.
  2. The Company prohibits Users from sharing the Service with the unauthorized persons.
  3. The Company prohibits all activities against the laws of Japan, the Republic of Korea, China, or the countries and regions in which Users are using the Service and the destination of the Users’ communications.
  4. The Company prohibits the User from using file-sharing/exchanging software, P2P software (including BT), or similar software that may infringe the rights of others.
  5. The Company prohibits using software generating a high volume of traffic to our service facilities, such as Bitcoin mining.
  6. Users are prohibited from using this Service to access TOR.
  7. The Company prohibits accounts that distribute spam emails, infringe on intellectual property rights and other copyrights, or access pornography and illegal websites.
  8. Any activities using the Service to view or distribute child pornography are strictly prohibited.
  9. The Company prohibits the generation of abnormal traffic by server scanning, programming, and other means.

7. Suspension

  1. The Company may suspend the Service without contacting the User in the following cases:
    • When performing periodic or urgent system maintenance
    • When the Service cannot be provided due to fire, blackouts, or other disruption
    • When the Service cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, or tsunamis
    • When the Service cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riot, labor dispute, etc.
    • Due to actions of the government, public agency, or other telecommunications carriers
    • When the Company determines that it is necessary to temporarily suspend the Service due to operational or technical reasons

8. Responsibilities of Users

  1. The User is entirely responsible for all actions and results caused by the use of the Service.
  2. If the User causes loss to a third party by using the Service, the User is responsible for resolving the problems or issues.

9. Disclaimer

  1. The Company shall not be liable for compensation for any loss caused to the User through use of the Service.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused to the User due to changing the Terms or the suspension or termination of the Service.
  3. The Company shall not guarantee reliability, accuracy, usefulness, or completeness of the contents the User obtains through the Service.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused to the User in the course of using the Service, such as connection failure, delay and data loss due to network or computer system failure or loss due to using unauthorized software or misusing the Service.
  5. The Company shall not guarantee the operation of the devices and software of the User.
  6. The Company shall not be liable for the unavailability of the Services due to actions by the government, public agencies, other operators, or other technical factors.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for any loss caused to Users in the course of using reference-only materials on the website.

10. Jurisdiction of the Court

  1. The User and the Company shall consent to make the Korean National Court or the Korean District Court the First Instance’s exclusive agreement jurisdiction court for all disputes arising out of or relating to these Terms, service-specific additional Terms, or any related services.

Revision Date: 24th July 2022